Meet Zach Davis

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Boat Name
Addie and Dallas

Where do live?
Marshallberg, NC

What do you fish for?

Why is commercial fishing important to you?
I enjoy providing fresh seafood for people who don't have the opportunities or capabilities to catch it for themselves. The consumer is the most important part of our industry

What’s your favorite thing about being a commercial fisherman?
There's nothing better than walking on the deck to get the try net and it comes up full of shrimp. I especially enjoy having my family on the boat with me. We've been shrimping with 4 generations on the boat at one time. I like being on the water and the challenges of being a captain.

What’s your favorite kind of seafood? How do you like it prepared?
It all depends on the time of year. In late winter there's nothing better than pan fried oysters or bay scallops (oreither one raw), early spring you've got to have fried soft crab sandwiches with dukes mayonnaise on fresh white bread, summer months you need jumping mullets from a sandy shoal with fat about 3/8" think in the belly, late summer and fall you need to get fried shrimp 31 count greetails or sea mullets fried (the smaller ones are better). There's only one kind of seafood breader and that's HOUSE AUTRY!! anything else is just a wanna be.

Tell us something people don’t know about you?
I build my own nets