About Us


The Carteret Catch brand is your guarantee that you are getting local seafood direct from Carteret County fishermen. You will find the freshest product available at local seafood retailers and restaurants that proudly display the Carteret Catch logo in their window and on their menu.


Our Mission


The mission of the Carteret Catch program is to sustain the livelihood and heritage of the Carteret County fishing industry through public marketing and education. Carteret Catch represents a joint venture between the county’s fishing industry and local restaurants to advertise seasonal seafood caught by Carteret County fishermen. The goal is to once again make fishing a viable lifestyle and preserve a culture that characterizes the central coastal region of North Carolina.


Our Logo


Look for our logo in member businesses. Displaying this logo assures consumers that this business has made a commitment to serve or offer at least one local seasonal seafood. Other businesses not in the seafood business may display this logo to show their support for Carteret Catch’s mission and philosophy. Please support these businesses as part of our community.

Remember! When it comes to seafood, always ask, “Is it local?”


Our History


Located on the central coast of North Carolina, fishing has been an integral part of Carteret County’s heritage and economy for nearly 400 years. Supplying a wide variety of fresh seafood to both local residents and major East Coast cities, county fishermen, restaurants.

Fishing has been an integral part of Carteret County’s heritage and economy for nearly 400 years. From the whaling industry in the early 18th century, through the mullet and oyster trade in the 19th century, all the way up to the thriving modern seafood industry, Carteret County has relied on the bounty of the sea for its livelihood.

Supplying a wide variety of fresh fish, shellfish, crabs, and shrimp to both local residents and large East Coast cities alike, county fishermen could count on the demand for a limited supply of high-quality, seasonal seafood, and could earn a sustainable living.

During the last ten years, however, an influx of lower-cost, imported seafood began to displace domestic seafood in many commercial markets.

The prevalence of imported seafood now threatens to put an end to the rich tradition and high quality of Carteret County seafood.

Today 80 percent of the seafood we eat in this country is imported, yet a sizeable number of consumers want to purchase local seafood. Recognizing this demand, a group of community volunteers representing commercial fishermen, seafood distributors, restaurant owners, fishery researchers, college educators, and local citizens formed a partnership to help the county’s fishing industry adapt to a global seafood market. With a grant from the Ford Foundation to Carteret Community College, the volunteers worked for over two years to establish a brand identity to promote locally harvested seafood.